The need for nationalization of the judiciary – Chief Justice

Barriers to colonial rule; Insistence on a people-centered policy

The nationalization of the judiciary is a matter of time and the judiciary should be more effective and readily available to all, said Chief Justice N.V. Expressed by Raman.

He said the country’s justice system should focus on those who file lawsuits. It is also important to facilitate justice. Often our justice system becomes a barrier for the common man. The methods currently used for adjudication are not conducive to the complexities of India. Our methods, rules are still from the colonial era. It does not meet the needs of Indian citizens. In fact, more obstacles are created.

The late Supreme Court Justice Mohan M. He was speaking at a function to pay homage to Shantanagoudar. He said that when we say Indianization, it means the use of methods that would be appropriate on a practical level in the society. Localization of the judiciary is needed. Suppose there is a rural area and the family dispute there comes before the court, then the people concerned do not understand the argument because all this work is done in English. Nowadays, the results are getting longer. This complicates the situation of the parties. Money has to be spent to understand the consequences of a verdict. The courts must therefore be in favor of the parties or the claimants. The judiciary should be transparent and effective. Procedural hurdles often make it difficult to get justice. Ordinary people should not be afraid of judges when they go to court.

Shantanagoudar died at a hospital in Gurugram on April 25. He was an extraordinary judge. Every day they were discussing various topics. He made great contributions to the judiciary. In his words, the country has lost a judge for the common man, in the words of the Chief Justice. Tribute was paid to Shantanagoudar.

At this time, Justice S. Abdul Nazir, Justice. A.S. Bopanna, Justice. Abhay Oak, Justice. BV Nagaratna, Acting Chief Justice of Karnataka Satish Chandra Sharma, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Law Minister J.C. Many office bearers including Madhuswami and family members of Shantanagoudar were present.

Citizens must have the courage to tell the truth. Lawyers and judges should create a conducive environment for the parties. Justice seekers and parties should be at the center of the system. Alternative approaches such as mediation and reconciliation should be sought. This will reduce the stress on the number of cases. Tools will be saved. -N. V. Raman, Chief Justice

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