The number of coroners in April was higher than in the same period last year

Latur: The outbreak of Corona in April was so huge that the number of Corona sufferers in one month of April 2021 is more than the total Corona sufferers from March last year to 31st March 2021.

In March 2020, a nationwide embargo was imposed on Corona. The number of tax evaders in the district in April 20 is 16, May-119, June-214, July-1 thousand 851, August-5 thousand 911, September-9 thousand 188, October-3 thousand 22, November-1 thousand 550, December-1 thousand. 150, January 2021-1 thousand 995, February-1 thousand 175, March-8 thousand 56, the total number is 33 thousand 477, while in the month of April 2021 alone, the number of tax-affected is 37 thousand 628. This number is four thousand more than the total number of coroners in a year.

The number of coroners in the month of May is more than a thousand every day. On 2nd May, 1126 new patients were added in the district, while 1247 patients recovered and returned home and 23 died during the day. So far, the total number of coronary heart disease patients has reached 73,455 out of which 59,852 patients have recovered and returned home, while 12,275 patients are undergoing treatment.

At present 858 patients are in intensive care unit, out of which 74 are on mechanical ventilator, 328 are on BIPPAP ventilator and 1975 patients are on oxygen. Eight thousand 49 patients are in home segregation. The proportion of coroners in the district is still more than 16 per cent of the number of investigations. Latur district is the seventh most affected state in the state. It has survived for the past month. The patient’s recovery rate is relatively high. However, the number of patients on oxygen is still increasing.

The death toll has risen to more than 500 in the past month. Reducing mortality is a challenge for the administration. There has been a lockout in the district for the last 20 days. The number of Coronation victims, who reached more than two thousand per day, is now fixed at around 1,200. The rate of doubling of patients in the district is 24 days. This is 48 days in the state and 60 days in the country. The country’s mortality rate is 1.1, the state’s 1.6 and the district’s 1.8.

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