The ordinance has no effect on elections

Mumbai: Though the state cabinet has decided to issue an ordinance to maintain political reservation for other backward classes, the OBC community will not get political reservation in the by-elections for 229 seats in six Zilla Parishads, nor will the ordinance affect the by-elections.

The Cabinet decided to place the reservation for backward class seats within this framework as per the order of the Supreme Court that the combined reservation should not exceed 50 per cent. According to this, maximum 27% reservation will be for OBC community. But at the same time, care must be taken that the combined reservation of OBCs, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes does not exceed 50 per cent. This will reduce the political reservation of OBCs. Due to cancellation of political reservation of OBC community, selection of OBC community members in 229 seats in six districts was canceled. A by-election is being held on October 5 to fill the vacancy. Although the Cabinet has decided to amend the law, it will not affect the ongoing election process. With the cancellation of political reservation of OBC community, open class members will be elected for 229 seats. The ongoing election process will not be disrupted or there will be no reserved seats for the OBC community, a senior law and justice official said. The Supreme Court has also ordered to prove the backwardness of the OBC community in order to enforce its political reservation. This will have to prove the backwardness of the OBC community before the elections early next year. Otherwise, even amending the law will not help, experts say.

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