The plane flew from Kabul for the first time since the withdrawal of US troops

For the first time since US troops withdrew, a commercial airliner has flown from Kabul carrying about 200 non-Afghans. Those who have fled Afghanistan include American citizens. This is seen as a breakthrough in coordination between the US and Taliban leaders. The Taliban has said it will allow foreign and Afghan nationals to leave the country with valid travel documents.

Earlier, Qatar’s special envoy Mutlaq bin Majid al-Qahtani said the plane would carry American and Western nationals. They called it a “historic day.”

US troops leave Afghanistan, end 20-year conflict; “In the last 17 days,” Biden said.

Taliban officials are patrolling the airport. Passengers are checking their documents during the inspection. The luggage is also being inspected. Meanwhile, some experienced staff members who fled Kabul airport have returned to work.

India has learned a lesson from the Taliban-Afghanistan issue

It is learned that a new training module will now be developed for security forces deployed on counter-terrorism operations to understand the Taliban and their tactics. A report claims that the central security establishment has asked these security forces to train in a new way and create training modules for it.

According to News18, the decision was made for security reasons after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. The training module currently available for security forces does not contain any information related to the Taliban. India had a few days ago expressed fears that Afghanistan could infiltrate Pakistan’s western border after the Taliban, while open borders on the east are likely to infiltrate the area. After the withdrawal of US security forces from Afghanistan, the Central Security Forces have recognized that developments are taking place in our neighboring country and India needs to be aware of this.

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