The prevalence of Delta Plus in Mumbai is small

Mumbai: Although 11 Delta Plus patients have been found in Mumbai so far, the incidence is still very low in the city, according to the second phase of genetic sequencing tests conducted by the municipality. Although the municipality tested 374 samples, no Delta Plus patient was found. However, the incidence of delta is highest in Mumbai and 81 per cent of these samples are from delta.

Phase II tests have been performed at the Genome Sequencing Laboratory at Kasturba Hospital. The municipality has recently released a report in which 374 samples were tested. Of these, 81 per cent or 304 samples were found to belong to Delta. Two samples from the Nineteen-A (19A) subtype and four samples from the Twenty-A (20A) subtype and the remaining 66 samples are of the common corona virus. The first tests found about 68 percent delta.

In the first and second phase samples, not a single delta plus sub-sample was found, said Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.

The ratio is zero in the second phase of genetic testing

The first genome sequencing in Kasturba involved 128 deltas. Of these, 93 samples were from Mumbai patients and 45 males and 48 females. Also, 54 persons, i.e. 58 per cent, needed to be admitted to the hospital. The remaining 42 per cent, or 40 people, showed no symptoms and did not need to be hospitalized. Of the patients, 47 had received the corona vaccine.

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