The reality of ‘Corona’ in the district

Opposition leaders disapproved

Claims that the situation is under control

Nagar: Hospital beds are not available for treatment of corona sufferers in the city as well as in the district. However, this fact in the district is not acceptable to the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council, Praveen Darekar. He expressed satisfaction over the statistics provided by the district administration, saying that the situation in the district was under control. His statement made the office bearers of his own party, BJP, feel uneasy.

Opposition leader Praveen Darekar was in the town on Tuesday to take stock of the situation in the district. He took stock of the situation by holding a meeting with the District Collector as well as the chief officers of the district administration. Come this time. Babanrao Pachpute, former Minister Shivaji Kardile, Mayor Babasaheb Wakle, City District President Mahendra Gandhe, Adv. Abhay Agarkar was also present. After the meeting, Darekar spoke to reporters.

Darekar said that he understood the situation by holding a meeting with the district administration officials. The situation in the district seems to be under control after the availability of hospital beds, ICU beds, oxygen and remedivir reserves. Only 10 May in oxygen reserves. There is a difference of tons. So there is a great lack here, the picture does not look like that. We are also in discussions with the government and companies to ensure that maximum reserves are available in the city.

After Darekar’s statement that the situation in the district was under control, Darekar pointed out that his information was inconsistent with the situation. He also said the situation was under control.

Although the district hospital has a capacity of 282 beds, more than 500 patients are being treated there. The system is available at Delhi Government Hospital. The district administration is under pressure to supply residues and oxygen to private hospitals. If the journalists have any other information, they should tell it to us. We will ask the state government and district administration for an answer in this regard, said Sarvasarao Darekar.

BJP office bearers are also shocked

While reviewing from the district administration, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Darekar along with A. Babanrao Pachpute, former minister Shivaji Kardile, Mayor Wakle along with prominent office bearers of the city and district were present. These office bearers had from time to time submitted a statement to the district administration stating that there was a severe shortage in the treatment facilities and also warned of agitation. However, party workers are expressing surprise that Darekar mentioned that the situation in the district is under control. “From time to time, we inform the party seniors, the state office, about the information in the district, which seems to have been ignored,” a senior official told Loksatta.

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