The river Saraswati will soon be included in the history curriculum in Haryana

The Haryana government has decided to include the legendary Saraswati river and Kurukshetra in the school curriculum. Initially, the Saraswati Heritage Development Board has appointed an 11-member curriculum board comprising Dr. Kurukshetra University. Pritam Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Ambedkar Studies, will be the Head of the Curriculum Board.

This course is being prepared for children from 6th to 10th. Saraswati was an ancient river, the purpose of which was to be known to children. Vice Chancellor of Kurukshetra University Dr. A committee headed by Somnath Sachdev has been appointed to prepare the syllabus. Meanwhile, Haryana government has implemented 11 projects for the upliftment of Saraswati river. The history of Kurukshetra will also be included in the syllabus.

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