The servant was robbed by the police near Thakurli railway station

Dombivali- Thakurli was walking from East Railway Station area to catch a locomotive at a servant station. He was drinking VD while walking. You drink VD in public places. You will have to pay a fine of Rs 30,000. This was stated by two puppet policemen who came on a motorcycle. The employee forcibly got on his motorbike, took out cash from his bag and wallet and fled. The employee lodged a complaint at Tilaknagar police station. Police have registered a case and launched an investigation.

According to police, Arun Donde (59, resident of Lakshmi Park, 90 feet road, Thakurli) was walking on the road near Thakurli railway station towards Vidi Peet station. At that time, two Ismas who came on a motorcycle told them that we are the police. It is a criminal offense to be seen in public. Therefore, you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 30,000 for violating the law. Arun Donde was frightened when he realized that the police had caught him. While Arun was riding a motorcycle, an Isma on a two-wheeler unknowingly took out Rs 7,000 cash from Arun’s bag. He also took her to an ATM of a bank in Thakurli area and withdrew her ATM card. Withdrew Rs 500 from ATM by taking secret debit card code from Arun.

You want to go to work. You have no money. Having said that, both of them were not in the mood to listen. After withdrawing the amount, Arun demanded a receipt for the penalty. At that time, both the puppets got on the police bike and fled. Arun Donde went to the Tilaknagar police station and lodged a complaint after realizing that he had been cheated by two strangers.
Police have started searching for the two ISMs after seeing CCTV footage of CCTV and ATMs in Thakurli railway station area.

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