The student got angry when the teacher told him to sit up straight; Attacked by an iron rod

A shocking incident has come to light in which a student attacked a teacher at a school in Baparola village, west of Delhi. This student has broken the teacher’s head with an iron spear. According to West Delhi Police, the incident took place at Runhola police station. In Baparola village, a boy attacked his teacher. The teacher was critically injured in the attack and has been admitted to hospital. Surprisingly, the student carried out the attack only after the teacher advised him to sit properly in the classroom.

According to the police, the injured teacher was identified as Vikrant and was admitted to Rathi Hospital for treatment. After receiving information about the incident, local police officials visited Vikrant at the hospital and recorded his reply.

According to Vikrant, he started working in a government school in Baparola with the required degree to become a teacher. Vikrant is one of the newly recruited teachers in the school. He was sitting in the teacher’s room when he was attacked by a student named Lalit around 8.30 am on Saturday. Lalit attacked Vikrant with an iron spear. Vikrant was confused by this sudden attack. Within a few seconds, he began to bleed profusely. In his reply to the police, Vikrant said that he shouted at the student to sit up straight in the classroom. He also said that the attack was carried out out of anger.

According to police, Lalit is 21 years old. This student has failed twice in 12th class. He is currently studying for the third time and is said to have carried out the attack after the teacher shouted at him. The police have registered a case under section 308 in this case.


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