The supply of inferior ventilators is a game with the patient’s soul

MLA Chavan demands action against the company

Aurangabad: The inferior ventilators provided to 25 government medical colleges and hospitals from the PM-CARE fund and 75 inferior ventilators in other districts of Marathwada show the mentality of playing with the lives of patients. Companies that did not have the experience to make ventilators were hired. As a result, the devices that seem to be the lifeguards of the patient’s relatives have been falling apart for the past month. Satish Chavan, MLA of the graduate constituency, has demanded action against the company. Meanwhile, after inspecting two of the ventilators supplied by PMCare, it will have more contents, company engineers said after a two-day inspection. Anger is being expressed as the equipment provided when needed is of inferior quality.

In Aurangabad, 150 ventilators were provided from PM Care Fund. BJP leaders are claiming that 42 out of the 50 ventilators provided earlier are working. But none of the 100 ventilators issued a month ago have started. Two ventilators started somehow and stopped after 15-20 minutes of walking. According to the expert committee, the oxygen supply is not coming under proper pressure. After receiving a ventilator from the PM-Care fund, BJP leaders lauded it locally. Photographs were taken with a ventilator. On April 12, the government medical college and hospital received 25 ventilators. These devices made by a company called ‘Jyoti NNC Dhaman’ are not useful. Meenakshi Bhattacharya, Dr. P. S. Jirvankar, Dr. Anil Joshi, Dr. Kailash Chintale, Dr. Presented by Chetan Ware and Biomedical Engineer Sunderlal Chavan. Corona patients do not use this device. Even after the ventilator was applied to the main oxygen duct, it did not appear to have proper pressure. Therefore, it is clear from the doctor’s report that this device is not useful. MLA Satish Chavan visited Ghati Hospital to discuss the process of procuring substandard ventilator and discuss with the technicians. He has demanded a full inquiry.

This is a game with the soul of the patient

The average person is annoyed. I was not getting oxygen for so many days. Now that they are available, the incidence of critical illness has increased. Therefore, there is a scam in the supply of life saving devices with the mentality of the relatives of the patients. Companies with little experience were hired to make ventilators. But after the substandard supply, the supply drum was beaten. This is actually a game with the patient’s soul.

MLA Satish Chavan

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