The Taliban did not like women wearing burqas and going to the office; Their commander says, “Even if the world.”

The Taliban do not appear to be behaving as they did before the government was established in Afghanistan. The Taliban, which claims that women will have complete freedom in our state, has now opposed women going to office. The Taliban has now made it clear that women will not be allowed to go to the office even wearing a burqa.

The Taliban has said that women will not be allowed to work with men, and that Sharia law will be fully enforced in the country. Taliban commander Wahidullah Hashimi told Reuters. “Even if the world puts pressure on us to give women the freedom to work, Afghanistan will only work under Sharia law,” he said.

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When the Taliban established dominance in Afghanistan, they claimed that women would be allowed to work under Sharia law. Within a month, however, the Taliban appeared to be backtracking.

“We fought for 40 years just because we wanted to enforce Sharia law in the country,” Hashimi said. Sharia law does not allow women and men to work together. So not only can women work with men, but they are also not allowed in our offices.
Hashimi added that in areas where a large number of women are currently working, they need to be removed. In the future, separate centers will be set up for women to work and study, where only women will be able to work.

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