The Taliban made a big demand to the United Nations; Said, “to us.”

The Taliban government in Afghanistan has launched a renewed effort to gain international recognition. The Afghan government has named Raheel Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman, as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United Nations during peace talks in Qatar. The Taliban has also demanded that Shaheen be given a chance to address the UN General Assembly. Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, on the other hand, has urged world leaders not to boycott the Taliban.

“There is a need to negotiate with the Taliban and there is a greater fear of polarization just by boycotting,” al-Thani said. Also, discussions can have positive results, ”he said. Al-Thani made the call in response to those who are afraid to negotiate with the Taliban, as well as leaders who refuse to recognize the Taliban government.

According to Reuters, Taliban Foreign Minister Anir Khan Muttaki wrote a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday. Muttaki demanded that we (the Taliban) be given a chance to speak at the high-level meeting of the annual general assembly, which ends on Monday, to make our position clear to the world. Guterres’ spokesman, Farah Haq, confirmed the request was made in writing by Muttaki.

Ghulam M. from the Taliban. Isaaczai was approved this year as Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations. However, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan after ousting Ashraf Ghani’s government in August. The Taliban’s foreign minister has said in a letter that Isakzai’s job is now over. Currently, Isaaczai does not represent Afghanistan. In such a situation, they have been asked to remove them and give the place to a Taliban representative.

According to Guterres’ spokesman Haq, slaves will represent Afghanistan until a decision is made on the credentials committee. According to Haq, the decision was taken by a nine-member credential committee on Afghanistan’s request for a seat at the United Nations. The committee included the United States, China and Russia. The committee is not expected to meet before Monday on the issue. Therefore, it is difficult for the Taliban to play its role from the UN platform this year.

If the United Nations allows this to happen to the Taliban, it will be an important decision for the Taliban internationally. It will also benefit global recognition. If this decision is made, Afghanistan could receive significant financial assistance from the United Nations.


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