The Taliban thanked the whole world for their help of Rs 8,000 crore; But the United States was ridiculed

Afghanistan’s economic situation is dire. That is why the Central Asian country, which is now embroiled in a multi-billion dollar conflict, is receiving financial aid from around the world. The Taliban, which has seized power and formed a caretaker government, has thanked countries around the world for their emergency assistance. But in doing so, the Taliban also taunted the United States. The Taliban has called on the United States to take care of poor countries. A donor conference was held in Geneva on Monday. It said about २ 1.2 billion, or Rs 8,000 crore, would be provided to Afghanistan. The political, social and economic situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since the Taliban took power in mid-August.

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This is not the first time that such a large amount of financial aid has been provided to Afghanistan. The country has long relied on foreign aid. In the current context, the Taliban is expected to receive significant foreign aid. The salaries of government employees are stagnant. Inflation has skyrocketed during the country’s power struggle and the prices of daily necessities of life have skyrocketed. Afghanistan now relies on the help of other countries to sort out these shattered economic maths.

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Amir Khan Muttaki, the foreign minister in the Taliban’s interim government, spoke at a news conference about financial aid to Afghanistan. “We are going to spend this money wisely,” Muttaki said. “This money will be used to alleviate poverty. We thank countries around the world for their 1 billion assistance. It is hoped that they will continue to do so in the future. The government will try to reach the needy through transparent management, ”Muttaki said.

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Muttaki has hit out at the United States. The United States should commend the Taliban for allowing thousands of people to return with the US military in the past month. “America is a big country and they should have a big mind,” Muttaki said. Muttaki said Afghanistan was also facing a drought. Countries like Pakistan, Qatar and Uzbekistan have already helped the Taliban. However, no figures have been released on how much aid these countries have provided.

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