The third dose recommendation is currently inappropriate


Mumbai: A third dose is being demanded from many health workers in private hospitals. However, research studies on how necessary and safe it is to give a third dose have not been published anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is not appropriate to recommend it at this time, experts said.

When vaccinations began in January, health workers were initially vaccinated with priority. As a result, these employees have been vaccinated and now the period of about seven to eight months has been reversed. Now a third dose is being demanded from private hospital staff to prevent a possible third wave of corona infection again. The Indian Medical Association had also asked the central health department to give a third dose to health workers. While many citizens have not received a single dose of the vaccine, a third dose will not be considered at present, the Union Health Department said.

Some health workers at the hospital tested the body’s antibodies and found that their capacity was reduced. Therefore, if the number of patients increases again in the third wave, what will happen if we are hindered, they are asking for the third dose, said Dr. Avinash Supe said.

The United States has recently introduced a third dose for those with low immunity. Therefore, no research has been published anywhere in the world on the exact need to give a third dose or the benefits of giving a third dose. So we don’t have concrete information about it. The matter was also discussed at a recent meeting of the Corona Task Force and it was decided that it was not appropriate to recommend a third dose in the absence of any concrete information. Antibodies definitely increase protection. But it also risks affecting the natural immune system. So it is important to study how safe it is to give a third dose.

– Dr. Rahul Pandit, Member of the Working Group

The severity of the infection is lower if coronary obstruction occurs even after both doses have been completed. So while millions of citizens in the state and the country are deprived of vaccines, it is not appropriate to demand a third dose.

– Dr. Shashank Joshi, Member of the Task Force

There is no research on the need for a third dimension. A study by Mordana and AstraZeneca found that more antibodies would provide more protection. But it does not say how many antibodies will be protected. Therefore, it is not possible to say for sure whether a third dimension is required at present.

– Dr. Gagandeep Kang, Virologist.

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