“The third wave of Corona has already arrived,” said Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar


The third wave is being feared as the second wave of Corona recedes in the country. The state government seems to be taking cautious steps for this. Many restrictions are still in place to prevent congestion. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also clarified that if the number of corona patients increases, a tough decision will have to be taken once again. The third wave of Corona has already arrived, said Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar. Meanwhile, 379 new corona patients were registered in Mumbai on Monday. As many as 417 patients were released after overcoming coronary heart disease. So far 7 lakh 24 thousand 494 patients in Mumbai have overcome coronary heart disease. The cure rate in Mumbai is 97%. There are 3 thousand 771 active patients. The rate of corona doubling has reached 1290 days. In Mumbai, from August 30 to September 5, the coronary artery growth rate was 0.06 per cent.

“My house is my father, my circle is my father. I will not go anywhere except my Ganapati. This will prevent people from moving around. Don’t sit there without a mask. Board members are also taking responsibility. I’m not going anywhere. The third wave is coming, it’s not like that. Has come. ” This was stated by Mayor Kishori Pednekar.

Some suggestions have been made in the last week in view of the threat of a third wave of corona in Mumbai. If more than five patients are found in a building, the building will be sealed. Police will also be deployed at the gate of the sealed building. Considering the possibility of a third wave, it has been decided to strictly enforce preventive measures as a precautionary measure and to prevent the spread of Kovid to others.

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