The trend of ‘bike umbrella’ on social media is actually

Before the onset of rains, photos of bike umbrellas were circulating on social media.

The ingenuity of the youth of Mharal village; Unique riding experience in this year’s rain

It’s more fun to ride a motorbike in the rain. Soaking in the rain and enjoying the ride is a pleasure for many. However, the same rain starts to feel difficult when going to work on a bike. Traveling on a motorcycle in torrential rain is a hassle and a hassle. However, in the torrential rains, the stormy option of ‘bike umbrella’ has now become a favorite among the youth of Thane, Kalyan and Dombivali.

Before the onset of rains, photos of bike umbrellas were circulating on social media. But no one has yet guessed how much the concept will appeal to the youth. Sachin Ahire, a young man living in Mharal village in Kalyan, has put this unique umbrella on his motorcycle. Ahire’s bizarre bike umbrella is currently attracting the attention of passers-by. Employees of the transport department are also seen stopping Sachin and inspecting the umbrella. When asked about this, Tendulkar said that he picked up the idea from social media. I had seen photos of this umbrella in summer. But then the idea didn’t quite work out. Later, I noticed that one of my friends had put such an umbrella on his bike. He said that he bought the umbrella from Praveen Mahajan, a resident of Beturkarpada, Kalyan. They bring this umbrella from Bangalore. He said that 30 bike riders in Mumbai, 14 in Thane and four in Kalyan still have the bike umbrella.

The benefits of a bike umbrella are many. Due to the size of the umbrella according to the vehicle, it does not get wet in the rain. Also, the person sitting behind you is protected from rain. When using this umbrella, of course, the speed of the bike has to be kept low. This umbrella is not only available for bikers.

The umbrella is available in different sizes for each bike. The cost of purchasing this umbrella from mounting it to a motorcycle is around Rs. 1500 to Rs. He also claimed that it is possible to take it to other places in a bag.

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