The vegetables are crispy!

Decreased production due to erratic rainfall; Increased demand due to patriarchy

Pune / Thane / Navi Mumbai: Declining production due to torrential rains, increase in fuel prices and now due to increase in demand due to patriarchal fortnight, vegetables have become stiff. Prices of almost all vegetables except onion-potato and cabbage are on the rise.

A few days ago, the arrival of vegetables in the wholesale market was higher than the demand. As a result, prices of all types of vegetables were reduced. Farmers sold vegetables at affordable prices. Tomatoes and chillies were thrown away by the farmers as they fetched exorbitant prices in the wholesale markets.

Intermittent rains had exposed. This had a significant impact on vegetable cultivation. The arrival of vegetables has been declining for the last few days due to insufficient planting, said vegetable sellers in the retail market.

In some places, heavy rains reduced production and reduced income. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. APMC’s vegetable market in Vashi saw a decline in arrivals on Tuesday. Instead of about 600 carts a day, 484 carts of vegetables have arrived in the market. With the rise in the wholesale market, all these vegetables are being sold at double to triple the retail price. Retailers say there is no alternative but to increase fuel prices due to rising fuel costs.


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