The virtues of engineering in Lord Ramachandra, Ramcharitamanas, Dhyana, Mahabharata are now in the syllabus; Changes to the new education policy

Under the new education policy 2020, changes have been made in the curriculum of colleges in Madhya Pradesh. Under the new curriculum, first year BA students will be taught Mahabharata, Ramcharitmanas, Yoga and Meditation. According to the new syllabus, ‘Shri Ramcharitmanas Applied Philosophy’ has been kept as an optional subject. First year students in English Foundation Course The preface of Mahabharata written by Rajagopalachari will be taught. Along with English and Hindi, yoga and meditation will be taught in the form of a third foundation course by the state education department officials. This includes ‘Amo Dhyana’ and the study of mantras.

The lessons under Shri Ramcharitamanas will cover topics related to the field of origin of Indian culture such as spirituality and religion. The subjects of ‘Vedas, Upanishads and the Four Ages of Puranas’, ‘Differences between Ramayana and Shri Ramcharitamanas’ and ‘Incarnation of Divine Existence’ will also be taught. According to the new syllabus, these subjects will be taught to enable personality thinking and character. According to a report given by ‘Hindustan Times’, students will also be taught about how much Lord Ramchandra was obedient to his father.

Students will also be taught how skilled engineer Shri Ramchandra was. Under the theme ‘Construction of Ram Setu’, students will be introduced to the engineering knowledge of Lord Rama. The Hindustan Times has reported that students will be taught about Rama’s engineering qualities. Along with Shri Ramcharitamanas, 24 optional subjects have been given, including Urdu songs from Madhya Pradesh and Urdu language.

Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav has said that there is an attempt to teach students about the values ​​of life through these subjects. It is also said to be beneficial for personality development. “We have learned a lot from Ramcharitamanas and Mahabharata. So what it means to honor students and other values ​​will motivate them to move forward in life. Now we don’t want to teach students, we want to develop them as great people, ”said Yadav.

Opposition parties have criticized the BJP for suppressing their ideology in the curriculum. Congress leader PC Sharma said, “We have no objection to teaching Mahabharata, Geeti and Ramcharitamanas in the curriculum. But in order to develop communal harmony among the students, they should also be taught religious texts like Bible, Quran and Guru Granth Sahib in the syllabus. But he (the ruling party) will not do that because it is against their ideology, ”he said.

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