‘… Then my father had reached there before Modi’; Emotions expressed by the girl on the resignation of Vijay Rupani

In Gujarat, the BJP made major changes and asked Vijay Rupani to resign. After that Bhupendra Patel was made the new Chief Minister of Gujarat. Many have said that the reason behind Rupani’s resignation is her declining popularity. Some have said he had to resign due to opposition within the party. However, Vijay Rupani’s daughter has answered such people. Radhika Rupani has responded to the critics through a Facebook post.

Rupani’s daughter has said that when the Akshardham temple was attacked in 2002, my father had reached there before Modiji. Vijay Rupani’s daughter has posted this on Facebook saying ‘Vijay Rupani from a girl’s point of view’. Radhika Rupani writes that my father used to get up till 2.30 in the morning and get busy on the phone to make arrangements for the people.

“For many, my father’s tenure started as an activist and he reached the post of Chief Minister through various political positions, but in my opinion, my father’s tenure started from Morbi floods in 1979, cloudburst in Amreli, Kutch earthquake, Swaminarayan temple terror attack, Godhra incident, Banaskantha floods. Is done. My father used to do a lot of work even during the Tawakte storm and Kovid, ”said Radhika.

Radhika has also mentioned her childhood memories in a Facebook post. Papa never saw his personal work. He fulfilled all the responsibilities that he was given. He was the first to go there during the Kutch earthquake. Even as children, our parents did not take us for walks. They would take us not to the cinema but to the homes of some activists. My father was the first person to reach the Swami Narayan Akshardham temple during the terrorist attack, he had already reached the temple premises before Narendra Modi.

Radhika has responded to those who said that she had to resign due to Rupani’s gentle role. “Politicians should not be sensitive? Isn’t this the necessary quality in a leader? The Land Grabbing Act, Love Jihad, Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organized Crime Act (GujaratCTOC) are proofs of his decision. Is it a sign of being a leader to show a serious expression on one’s face? ”Said Radhika.

My father always said that we have to change the image of politics and politicians in Indian films. He never supported factionalism and that was his specialty. Some political analysts may think – ‘this is the end of Vijaybhai’s tenure’ – but in our opinion, it is better to leave power on the principles of RSS and BJP instead of rioting or criticizing, Radhika said.

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