“… Then why not do the admission ceremony online?”; MNS leader Avinash Jadhav’s question to CM!

“Parties are entering Shiv Sena, works are being inaugurated, isn’t there Karona?” Temples closed Now our Ganpati festival is also being banned. If the Chief Minister made Ganpati Darshan online, then the entrance ceremonies should also be done online. The government is harassing ordinary citizens. Large circles can provide online darshan services, but where will small circles bring money for the online system? ” Asking such questions, MNS leader and Thane MNS chief Avinash Jadhav, while talking to media today (Thursday), targeted Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

Meanwhile, many Shiv Sena workers from Chandivali assembly constituency left Shiv Sena today and joined MNS in the presence of MNS chief Raj Thackeray.

Also, “Shiv Sena has never taken to the streets for a bullet train. MNS protested against the bullet train. Unless Raj Thackeray takes permission, not a single brick of the bullet train will be built. ” This warning was also given by Avinash Jadhav.

Speaking to the media, Avinash Jadhav said, “On the day we were going to make Dahihandi, the Chief Minister came and immediately asked, ‘Should I close the health center and open the temples?’ I mean when you ask us that question. At that time, your entrance ceremonies are just as big, aren’t they? So why don’t you get admission online? Have we become so weak that we should take Darshan of God online? All the temples are open in other states. There is a vision of God, there is no Kovid? But Kovid comes around our Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and says that if the temple is opened, it will come immediately. The third wave will come and there will be a great cry. We think something like this belongs to the Chief Minister. ”

Doesn’t the crowd at the opening ceremony make Corona happy? –

Also, after speaking that day, did Aditya Thackeray inaugurate the flyover again? Did Eknath Shinde inaugurate the flyovers in Dombivali yesterday? There was a huge crowd. There is Kovid in the crowd outside the temples and when his inaugural function is to be publicized, Kovid is not there? Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray should explain this to us. ” That is what Avinash Jadhav said.

Government should announce donations to small Ganesh Mandals-

At the same time, “Large circles like Raja of Lalbaug can facilitate online darshan. What will small circles do? Many small circles have no donors, what are the circles going to do? Why don’t you think of them? The government should announce a donation to them once. Because, all these Marathi circles in Mumbai are run by Marathi children, these circles are no longer donors. However, these circles are celebrating Ganeshotsav by taking money from their own pockets. I once again request that the government should not impose restrictions on Ganapati. ” Such a demand was made by Avinash Jadhav.

MNS had stopped all work on the bullet train –

“We are still adamant on the role played by Raj Thackeray. Even then, MNS had stopped that work, not Shiv Sena. At that time the work of bullet train had started. All that work was stopped by MNS. Shiv Sena did not stop any work on the streets. We are still firm in our position today. If this is done without Raj Thackeray’s permission, we will not allow any brick to be laid. ” This warning was given by Avinash Jadhav.

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