“There is no need for agitation there. This is a cunning move that will work even if there is a fire in the rest of the country.”

Farmers have been protesting against the central government’s agricultural laws for the last ten months. The agitation is being carried out mainly by farmers from Punjab and Haryana, who have been stationed on the Delhi border for several months. The farmers are adamant that the government should repeal all the three laws. Apart from Delhi, a large number of farmers are protesting in Punjab. Therefore, farmers should go to Delhi and agitate instead of hindering the development of the state, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has advised. BJP leader Atul Bhatkhalkar has taken aim at this.

“Chief Minister Ca. Amarinder Singh has advised farmers to agitate outside Punjab. The Kisan Andolan is a conspiracy sponsored by the Congress-sponsored nationwide anarchy. Since there is power in Punjab, there is no need for agitation there. This tweet has been made by Atul Bhatkhalkar.

‘Farmers should go to Delhi and agitate; Development of Punjab should not be hampered ‘

“The agitating farmers should focus on the central government in New Delhi. The state government and administration should be kept away from this campaign. If you want to put pressure on the central government, move your movement to Delhi. Don’t bother Punjab with your movement. Even today, farmers are protesting in 113 places in the state and this is affecting the development of the state, ”said Chief Minister Amarinder Singh.

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