There is no need to learn from a failed country like Pakistan; India slammed Pakistan over Kashmir issue

India has slammed the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Speaking on Kashmir, India has said that the OIC has no right to comment on India’s internal affairs. India on Wednesday lashed out at Pakistan and the OIC for raising the issue of Kashmir at the UN Human Rights Council. India has said it does not need to learn from a failed and terrorist-centric country.

Pawan Badhe, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of India in Geneva, presented India’s vision at the conference. India has also said that the OIC has helplessly allowed itself to be held hostage in Pakistan. At the 48th meeting of the UNHRC, India launched a scathing attack on Pakistan, saying that Pakistan was known globally as a country that openly supported, trained, financed and supplied arms to terrorists banned by the United Nations.

Pakistan fails to protect minority rights

India has responded to repeated blunt statements by Pakistan and the IOC on Kashmir. The Council is aware that Pakistan is violating human rights and trying to take over Indian territory. Pakistan has failed to protect minorities. Pakistan’s attitude towards communities like Hindus, Sikhs and Christians and Ahmadis is not hidden from the world. India has also said that journalists are being mistreated to ask why things are going wrong in Pakistan.

False propaganda from Pakistan against India

At the UNHRC meeting, India said, “The world is openly supporting Pakistan, providing them with training and money. Pakistan uses this conference to spread false propaganda against India. India is the largest democracy in the world and India does not need any lessons from failed countries like Pakistan which are the epicenter of terrorism in the world. ”

The OIC has rejected India’s statement on the Kashmir issue, saying Kashmir is an integral part of India. India has said that Pakistan is using the OIC for its agenda. In such a scenario, the OIC member states should decide whether they want to allow Pakistan to do so.

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