“They thought I was a fictional person, not a man,” the once-wanted Taliban angered the US military!

The U.S. military has been stationed in Afghanistan since the attack on the World Trade Center. As soon as they withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban re-established their control over Afghanistan. Against this backdrop, a Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, described his journey over the past 20 years, describing how US and Afghan forces had never been found. Zabiullah was a wanted Taliban for US forces. In 20 years, however, he never fell into the hands of the US military. Now Zabiullah is the spokesman for the Taliban government.

Zabiullah has revealed all this in an interview with the Express Tribune as a government spokesman. In the last 20 years, US and Afghan forces have repeatedly tried to capture Zabiullah. However, each time he managed to escape with a trumpet in his hand. At a press conference he held, Zabiullah said that for the first time since Zabiullah’s arrival, some media representatives were surprised that such a person existed.

“Walk around the country in front of American troops!”

Zabiullah said, “I have lived in Kabul for a long time. In front of everyone, I was doing everything under the noses of American and Afghan forces. During this time I traveled around the country. I had direct access to the activities of the Taliban and the government situation. This surprised our opponents. ”

“They used to pay big bucks to track me down”

Zabiullah, meanwhile, says he has often escaped US and Afghan forces. “I have escaped so many times that the US and Afghan forces have come to believe that Zabiullah Mujahid is not a real person but a fictional person,” he said. Zabiullah said that he had visited Pakistan along with Afghanistan during this period. “The US military used to pay locals a lot of money to get information about me, but I escaped every time,” he said.

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