“This government is completely insensitive to women”; Tashree on the state government of the National Commission for Women

The incident that numbed Mumbai during Ganeshotsav took place in Sakinaka area on Friday morning. A 34-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by a tempo driver. The woman died during treatment on Saturday. Police have arrested the accused. After that, a team of National Commission for Women has arrived in Mumbai after the Sakinaka rape case. Members of the Women’s Commission have visited the victim’s family.

We have visited the families of the victims. The incident has been reported by the police. The answer of the doctor treating her will be recorded. After that we will meet the senior police officers and get detailed information. Members of the National Commission for Women said that this could be discussed after that.

“It simply came to our notice then. While the preparations for the arrival of Lord Ganesha are underway in Mumbai, such an incident happens all the time. The accused are not afraid of anyone. If the accused had been scared, such an incident would not have happened that night. A number of incidents have been reported over the past few days. There have been several incidents of rape in different parts of Maharashtra during the week. This is due to the negligence of the state government. These incidents have taken place because the law and order situation is not under the control of the government, ”said a member of the Women’s Commission.

“Every state in the country has a state women’s commission. The State Women’s Commission has not been appointed in Maharashtra for the last two years. In such cases, any victim goes to the State Women’s Commission for help. There is no institution where women can make their case. I don’t understand why the government is so insensitive that they have not set up a women’s commission. If it were, women would get justice. Since there is no State Women’s Commission in Maharashtra, we had to seek the help of police from time to time. A government that claims to be sensitive to women is completely insensitive. He has no worries about women. The state government should give an answer in this regard, ”said the members of the women’s commission.

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