“This is a joke of the day”, Chitra Wagh’s sharp criticism of Shiv Sena

The rape case in Mumbai’s Sakinaka area two days ago has sparked political allegations in the state. Opponents have sharply criticized the authorities over the issue. On this, the mouthpiece of the Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ was slammed on the opposition. Shiv Sena has reminded the critics of similar incidents of Kathua and Hathras to criticize the Sakinaka rape case. As a result, BJP’s women’s front president Chitra Wagh has targeted Shiv Sena and especially Sanjay Raut. “This is a joke of the day,” said Chitra Wagh.

“Rape of rapists continues”

“You are doing things to bring power law to save women in the state. But he stayed away. But it is your job to empower these rapists. We have to go to court for not getting FIRs. Those with FIRs are walking around with bright heads. We will not let go of the rapists who are called rapists today. It was a joke of the day. This double standard is not going to work. BJP will take care of everything in the state. You have to ask questions of everything and as the ruler you have to answer every question ”, said Chitra Wagh.

“Hathras, there are feelings about Kathua”

Meanwhile, Chitra Wagh said, “We are concerned about other incidents of rape in the country.” “We are deeply concerned about all the happenings in the country of Hathras, Kathua. But we live in Maharashtra. This is our karma bhoomi. So you have to answer everything in the state, ”he said.

Sakinaka Rape Case: “We couldn’t do anything beyond speech, this is our defeat”, Chitra Wagh is upset!

Tikastra from ‘Saamana’

The Shiv Sena has clarified its position on the issue while the ruling party and the opposition have started making allegations against the woman in the Sakinaka area. Recalling the Kathua and Hathras case, the Opposition has said that there is rule of law in Maharashtra and stern action will be taken against Naradhama. Similarly, in the case of Sakinaka, it is a matter of sensitivity to have tears in one’s eyes, but when tears begin to flow, it is feared that the seriousness of the matter will be lost.

Sakinaka rape case: “If you say there is no fear of the law”; Shiv Sena reminded BJP of ‘Kathua’ and ‘Hathras’

Chitra Wagh’s letter directly to the Governor

Meanwhile, Chitra Wagh called on Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari today regarding the incidents of atrocities against women in the state. This time he has given a letter requesting the governor. It called for hearings, punishments and rules to be applied in cases of violence against women, as well as punishment for crimes such as atrocities.

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