‘Those’ 6 terrorists wanted to carry out bomb blasts like 1993, shocking information revealed from investigation!

A special squad of Delhi Police has arrested a total of six terrorists, including Mumbai resident Jan Mohammad Sheikh. The interrogation of these terrorists has led to many new and shocking revelations. It was said that the terrorists were planning to carry out a massacre. A special team of Delhi Police is investigating the six terrorists and a shocking revelation has come to light. It has come to light that these terrorists want to use all the explosives to carry out another blast like the 1993 chain bombings in Mumbai. Therefore, it has become clear that the arrest of all these people has foiled a plot to assassinate him.

The Delhi Police has so far registered cases against Mohammad Ali Sheikh alias Sameer (47), Usman (22), Mulchand (47), Zeeshan Kamar (28), Mohammad Abu Bakar (23) and Mohammad Amir Javed (31). Six such people have been arrested. He was arrested in raids in Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh. One of them, Jan Mohammad Ali Sheikh, lived in Dharavi, Mumbai. He was arrested from Kota while he was on a train from Mumbai Central to Delhi.

The failure of ATS that the terrorists living in Dharavi did not know? ATS chief says!

One and a half kg RDX seized

According to India Today, some of the arrested terrorists have been named. He has said that these people are working as sleeper cells for terrorist activities in the country. These people will also be arrested in the coming days. His plan was to carry out another attack like the 1993 Mumbai chain bombings in the country. Police have also seized 1.5 kg RDX brought for this purpose.

“Not for money but”; Detailed revelation of arrested terrorists for going to Pakistan for terrorist training

Maharashtra ATS reveals

Recently, ATS Additional Director Vineet Agarwal has given a detailed information in this regard at a press conference. “Reiki has not been done in Mumbai. Reiki will be done in Mumbai, he said in a press conference. A man trained in Pakistan came and did Reiki, the matter is completely wrong. He was arrested just as he was traveling by train. Delhi Police and we will take all the action together, ”said Vineet Agarwal. “Jan Mohammad was in debt. He had previously worked as a driver. She quit her job. He then borrowed a taxi. Unable to pay his dues, the bankers picked up the taxi. He then bought a two-wheeler on credit again. So he needed money. That is why he may have been approached for the job, Delhi Police said in a press conference, “said Vineet Agarwal.

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