Those who do not give an account of Remedesivir

‘Take action against hospitals – Minister of State Tanpure

Nagar: Remedesivir injection is distributed by the district administration to private hospitals. Therefore, the use of these injections has to be accounted for by the hospitals. Minister of State for Urban Development Prajakt Tanpure has instructed Municipal Commissioner Shankar Gore to take action against the hospitals which do not cooperate in this regard.

Minister of State Tanpure held a meeting of the office bearers of ‘Ima’ Association of Doctors at the District Collector’s Office on Tuesday. After the meeting, Tanpure gave information in this regard to the journalists.

He said that the corporation has appointed ‘auditors’ to check the bills of each hospital. This auditor is responsible for the calculation of the proper use of Remedesivir injection. We have instructed the commissioner to take action against the non-cooperating hospitals by issuing notices.

He also lamented that the relatives of the patients were having to buy remedicivir on the black market.

The doctors’ union has demanded relaxation of some rules for private hospitals to start oxygen generation projects in the hospital premises. You have asked the association to make a written statement about what kind of concessions they want. After receiving it, we will discuss with the officials of the ministry and try for it, assured Tanpure. “Despite the curfew and curfew in the city, people are seen walking on the streets,” he said.

Let’s reflect on the outcome

We expected success in the Pandharpur elections due to the work of the state government and the sympathy of Bhalke. But it did not happen, we will think about it, but this result is not a failure of the state government. It was an election for a seat. Minister of State Tanpure also raised the question as to whether the defeat in West Bengal should be considered as a failure of the Modi government.

Efforts for harmonization in vaccination

Efforts are currently underway to streamline vaccination. Citizens will be informed for vaccination by visiting villages in two-three talukas of the district. They will be listed for what vaccine they want. Accordingly, citizens will be called for vaccination on that day. This will avoid crowds and their rounds at the center. Minister of State Tanpure informed that efforts are being made for this.

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