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A new research on tobacco is surprising

Research by scientists at La Trobe University in Australia
New research has shown that tobacco, which is considered to be a cause of cancer, plays an important role in the treatment of cancer. Scientists at the Institute for Molecular Sciences at the University of La Trobe in Australia have discovered the molecule in the flower of a tobacco plant. Based on this research, the scientist who is fighting against lakhs of pulses, Dr. Dr. Shantilal Kothari, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and Family Welfare. L. A letter has been written to Swasthicharan.
A new research on tobacco is surprising. According to this research, a molecule found in tobacco plant plays an important role in eradicating cancer cells from the human body. It is found in the flowers of the tobacco plant. In addition to destroying the cancer virus, it also has the ability to detect and kill cancer cells. This molecule is named as ‘NT-1’. The entire dissertation has been published in e-Life Journal. According to lead researcher Mark Hulett, a special substance is developed in tobacco, which only kills cancer. It has no effect on the cells in the human body. A study by experts from the University of California, Los Angeles, has also been published by Ann Landman of Colorado. After the research of this university in Australia, Dr. Shantilal Kothari also said that tobacco production would provide permanent employment to more than 80 per cent people throughout the year. Tobacco is not a bad thing at all, but it has a detrimental effect on other products. Tobacco is widely advertised as harmful to health, but he wonders why scientists in India do not expose this fact in tobacco products.

Expedition exists in 1970
Tobacco companies have launched a strong anti-smoking campaign, bringing together economists, sociologists and scientists to dispel misconceptions about tobacco. It would not be a lie to say that this pro-cancer research is the next step in this campaign. According to the study, psychologists Hans Eisenk and Scutran have joined the campaign. The campaign was published in 1970. A meeting of the world’s seven major cigarette companies was held in 1977. It was decided to work in collaboration with each other.

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