Today’s Congress is like the landlord of a bad mansion – Sharad Pawar

The statement made by NCP President Sharad Pawar about the Congress seems to have started a lot of discussions in the political circles. “Today’s Congress is like a landlord in Uttar Pradesh. The landlord of the mansion where Raya has gone says that all the green fields were mine. Today’s situation is somewhat similar to that of the Congress. ” That is what NCP President Sharad Pawar has said. Also, there are differences between the opposition parties over the face of the PM. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi says he could be the face of the PM from the opposition. Commenting on this, Pawar said, “Congress leaders are not in the mood to take a different stand on their leadership.” That is also what has been said.

While talking to ‘Mumbai Tak’, Sharad Pawar told these stones to the Congress. Pawar was interviewed at length on the occasion of the first year of India Today Group’s Marathi digital platform ‘Mumbai Tak’. The interview was conducted by Rajdeep Sardesai and Sahil Joshi. In this interview, he commented on the political situation in Maharashtra as well as across the country. How many years will the Thackeray government last? Will Maharashtra be experimented in the country? Along with these questions, he also gave a scathing commentary on the present situation of the Congress.

At the same time, when asked if there is still a sense of ego in the Congress leadership, Pawar gave an example, saying, “I had told a story back then. There are landlords in Uttar Pradesh. They have a large farm. They have a mansion in the village. The Land Ceiling Act came and the lands went to them. But the mansion is, as it were. But the landlords did not have the strength to repair the mansion. One thousand acres of land is now on 15-20 acres. The landlord wakes up in the morning, and walks out of the mansion. He sees a green crop all around him. So he says all these green crops were mine. It was mine. Not now. ”

I don’t need Prashant Kishor – Sharad Pawar

Does this mean that the situation of the Congress has become like that of Patla in a deserted village? That was the question. Then Pawar said, “I am not saying that much. Once upon a time, the Congress was from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. But she was. Is not. It must be admitted that there was. Then the process of approaching (the opposition) will begin. ”

Congress is still a relevant party –

The Congress is far away today, but it is still a party of relevance. The party is spread across the country. An experiment like the UPA was carried out only because the Congress had a strength of 150 in the Lok Sabha. But today the Congress has only forty seats, said Pawar.

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