Trial of Taliban! Schools closed for girls in Afghanistan; School will start only for children

The Taliban have excluded girls from secondary schools in Afghanistan. This became clear after the Taliban ordered only children and male teachers to return to class. The Islamist group’s statement that secondary classes would resume did not mention girls or women. The BBC has reported about this. “I am devastated,” said one Afghan schoolgirl. There is only darkness everywhere. “Meanwhile, no matter how much the Taliban promises, Afghanistan is returning to the same harsh regime as in the 1990s.

The BBC has reported about this. There is another news that raises concerns. On Friday (September 17), the Taliban closed the women’s ministry. Instead, a section devising strict religious teachings and stating strict religious principles has been started. The decision to close schools for women has since been taken. A statement issued before the reopening of the Afghan school on Saturday said, “All male teachers and students should be present in their educational institutions.”

“The future is dark”

Secondary schools are generally for students in the age group of 13 to 18 years. “The future is bleak,” said some schoolgirls and their parents in Afghanistan. “I am very worried about my future,” says an Afghan schoolgirl who dreams of becoming a lawyer. Every day I wake up and ask myself why am I alive? I mean, we just sit at home and wait for someone to come and ask for a wedding. Is that the purpose of being a woman? ”

That dream of mine did not come true!

“My mother was illiterate. So, my father persecuted her constantly. I didn’t want my daughter to be like my mother, ”said the schoolgirl’s father. Another 16-year-old schoolgirl in Kabul said it was a sad day. I wanted to be a doctor. But that dream did not come true. I don’t think they will let us go to school again. They don’t want women to learn. ”

“Not equal to men”

Earlier this week, the Taliban announced that women would be allowed to study in universities. But, they will not be able to match the men. They will also be bound by the new dress code. Many are saying that the new rules will completely deprive women of education. Because, universities do not have the resources to give separate classes.

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