Tribal lifestyle, tradition causes child mortality

It was alleged by the petitioners that all the welfare schemes of the government were on paper.

Government claims in court
MUMBAI: The state government has claimed in a court of law that the living standards of tribals, their traditions, early marriages, early motherhood, going to a technician without going to a doctor are the main reasons for child mortality in tribal areas of the state including Melghat. Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbakoni also told the court that a new ploy was being hatched to bring the sick tribals to the hospital with the help of technicians so that they could get timely medical treatment.

The court, however, directed the government to keep in view the fact that child deaths due to malnutrition and non-availability of medical care and deaths of pregnant women are no longer due to medical facilities or malnutrition. While one could not be saved during medical treatment, it is understandable. However, a bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni on Monday slammed the government for not tolerating the death of a person due to non-receipt of medical help.

Earlier, Kumbakoni told the court what measures were being taken or would be taken to prevent deaths due to malnutrition in Melghat and other tribal areas of the state. The government is trying to improve the living standards of the tribals. But the government claimed that their lifestyle and culture were hindering their efforts. Tribals go to the Tantric before going to the doctor. The patient is brought to the hospital if the case goes out of hand. Therefore, an attempt is being made to bring the sick tribals to the hospital by holding the hands of the technicians. For this, these technicians are paid, said Kumbakoni. He also claimed that schemes are being implemented to provide nutritious food to the tribals.

The petition will not be disposed of

It was alleged by the petitioners that all the welfare schemes of the government were on paper. Doctors are still not available in tribal areas. The court was told that the situation was the same even after the court order. We will not settle this petition. The government will have to submit a progress report within a fortnight, the court clarified.


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