Trudeau’s election victory in Canada; The majority hooked

Toronto: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won Monday’s parliamentary election in Canada, but lost a majority. The results are the same as they were two years ago, and Trudeau’s plan to win a majority has not materialized. The Liberals have won relatively few seats, with Trudeau leading the Liberal Party winning two elections. He is survived by his father, the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who led the party in 2015. Trudeau’s Liberal Party is leading with 156 seats. This number is 1 less than in 2019. They are expected to get 170 seats in the House of Commons for a majority, but less than that. The Conservative Party is leading with 121 seats, the same number as in 2019. The Left New Democrats are leading with 27 seats. They seem to be getting three more seats this time. The Greens have won two seats, while the Quebecis have to settle for 32. Trudeau, who is currently in the minority, won the election in the hope of a majority.


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