Two new members in the penguin family

‘Orio’ name of a pig born in May; Pigs born in August will also be named soon

Mumbai: Two new members have been added to the family of penguins, which has become the center of attraction of Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Zoo and Udyan (Queen’s Garden) in Byculla. The penguin born on May 1 by Donald and Daisy will be named Orio, while the piglet born by Molt and Flipper on August 19 will be renamed after a sex test.

Mayor Kishori Pednekar informed about the two penguins born in Rani’s garden at a press conference held at the mayor’s bungalow on Wednesday. Orio, a puppy of Donald and Daisy, is currently roaming the penguin room. In the early days, Oriola was set apart with Donald and Daisy. Orio was weighed regularly every morning to determine his diet. Orio is now in his teens and will enter adulthood later in the year. He was kept under the care of a team of doctors for some time after his birth. Now, however, Orio is said to be in a coma and is said to be fighting with other penguins in the room. Observations have revealed that he was living with a female bubble in the group. A team of doctors caring for Donald and Daisy’s offspring named him Orio, according to the zoo’s superintendent. Presented by Sanjay Tripathi.

Flipper laid an egg in 2018, just months after the penguins entered the queen’s garden. It also gave birth to the first penguin in Mumbai. But just a week later, the newborn penguin died. The pair of molt and flipper had recently laid an egg. The egg hatched on August 19 and is currently housed in a nest.

Piglet rearing

The newborn has been placed under the care of a team of doctors. This puppy is being weighed every morning. The parents of this puppy are taking care of him. Zoo officials explained that he was being fed every morning.

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