Unravel the Sakinaka atrocity case

Mumbai: The accused and the victim of sexual harassment in Sakinaka area knew each other. The police investigation had also revealed that the accused had tortured the victim and killed her in an exchange dispute. During the interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime and the weapon used for the crime was confiscated, police said. Police said the sequence of events was matched by CCTV footage of the incident and information from the accused. Accordingly, both the accused and the victim woman knew each other. The argument starts with the exchange between them.

The argument broke out on Friday night. Meanwhile, no case has been registered against the accused in Mumbai. Police are investigating whether there are any crimes against him in other states, police said.

The state government has asked Adv. Raja Thackeray has been appointed. The police on Sunday registered a case under the Prevention of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Atrocities Act. A special investigation team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Jyotsna Rasam is investigating the case.

The police have sent samples for DNA testing in the case within a month and a report will be received from the forensic laboratory soon. The investigation into the matter will be completed in the next fortnight. A chargesheet will be filed in the court within a month, Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagarale said.

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