US 9/11 attacks to Taliban rule; Know the chronology of 20 years

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the United States. The 9/11 attacks on the United States shook the world. Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes and attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon. About 3,000 innocent civilians were killed in the attack. The death toll is the largest in the world so far. After this terrorist attack, the United States set out to end terrorism. But it will be important to see how much impact the US decision has had in the last 20 years.

What happened in the United States on September 11, 2001?

Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes on September 11. His intention to attack America was clear. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. The bomber struck shortly after 8:46 a.m. in front of the World Trade Center in New York City. Just 17 minutes later, the South Tower was attacked via United Airlines Flight 175. Then a single sensation erupted. The American system began to work faster. At 9:37 a.m., despite being on high alert, US Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon in Washington. The fourth hijacked plane was intended to target the White House or the US Capitol via United Airlines Flight 93. However, after the passenger collided with the terrorists, the terrorists lost control of the plane and crashed in the plains of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A total of 2,977 people were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It also includes 19 terrorists. There were a total of 246 people on the four planes. At least 2,606 people were killed in and around the World Trade Center. At least 125 people were killed at the Pentagon. Most of the dead were American citizens. During the rescue operation, 344 guards, 71 policemen and 55 soldiers were killed.

What happened after the terrorist attack?

A single outcry erupted after the terrorist attacks in the United States. Many countries feared the attack. When the United States was attacked, then-President George W. Bush was in Florida. The news shocked them too. By then, American security forces had tightened security. After the White House said it was safe, President George W. Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office at 9 p.m. Information was then gathered about terrorist attacks from Lebanon to Iraq. The United States has said it carried out the attack, which was carried out by al-Qaeda. The United States has said it plans to invade Afghanistan after reports emerged that al-Qaeda was backed by the Taliban. The US operation began on October 7, 2001. The US operation was supported by NATO countries, including Britain. On November 25, 2002, US President George W. Bush signed into law the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. The department was only tasked with solving problems related to terrorist attacks, border security and immigration. In the past, all of these cases were in the hands of the FBI and the CIA. But after such a big failure, the US government created a whole new department for its security.

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The US killed the mastermind of the attack, Osama bin Laden

The United States has sent a Navy SEAL team on a covert operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan, following the disappearance of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and the leader of al-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011. After killing Osama bin Laden, the team seized his body and buried it in an unknown location.

NATO announces end to war

On December 28, 2014, NATO declared an end to the war. It also handed over responsibility for security to the Afghan government. NATO backed Operation Resolution to establish the Afghan government and help against the Taliban. The operation was aimed at eliminating Taliban militants taking up arms against Western forces and protecting Afghanistan from further threats.

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US agreement with Taliban in Afghanistan

The United States signed an agreement with the Taliban on February 29, 2020. Signed a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar. The United States is said to have started secret talks with the Taliban in 2018. According to the agreement reached in Doha, the US troops were to return in 14 months. This time, the Taliban promised not to allow terrorist organizations to use Afghan territory. Over the next 18 months, the United States gradually withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan since August 15, 2021

The Taliban took control of parts of Afghanistan after US troops withdrew. He also attacked Kabul on 15 August and declared victory. On the other hand, the US had to deploy 6,000 troops to secure Kabul airport to evacuate civilians safely.

Establishment of the Taliban government

A caretaker government has been announced in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power. Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund is the Prime Minister of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Mullah Baradar has been given the post of Deputy Prime Minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani the caretaker Home Minister, Mulla Yakub the Defense Minister and Amir Muttaki the Foreign Minister. Kherullah Khairkhwa has been given the post of Information and Broadcasting Minister. Abdul Hakim has been given the post of Law Minister, Sher Abbas Stanikzai has been given the post of Deputy Foreign Minister and Jabiullah Mujahid has been given the post of Deputy Information Minister. Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid called it a “caretaker government”. “Citizens of our country are eagerly awaiting the new government,” he added. Home Minister Serajuddin Haqqani is on the US Most Wanted list. The FBI has offered a reward of up to 5 million for information leading to his capture.

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