US: Biden’s hoardings in rocket launcher and Taliban terrorist incarnation; Know the reason

Many countries around the world have blamed US President Joe Biden for the situation in Central Asia since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Surprisingly, the United States is now blaming Biden for the decision. Biden decided to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan altogether, and implemented it before the end of August. After Biden announced his withdrawal a few weeks ago, the Taliban gained strength and took control of the country. As a result, Biden has been the target of criticism, with large hoardings erected in various parts of the United States criticizing Biden. The billboards depict Biden as a Taliban terrorist and read, “Making the Taliban Great Again.”

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According to The Sun, former Pennsylvania Senator Scott Wagner has launched a campaign against the president. Wagner has accused the United States of embarrassing the world over Biden’s decision. Wagner also said that Biden’s decision would be followed by “hoardings” at various locations in the United States over the next two months.

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The billboards show Biden in Taliban garb. A rocket launcher was also shown in Biden’s hand. In the photo, Scott Wagner claims that Biden called back the US military and helped the Taliban. “Making the Taliban great again,” Biden said, trying to make the Taliban great again. The announcement of Make America Great Again was very loud in the presidential election. This text is printed on the same background hoarding. Photos of these hoardings have gone viral on social networks.

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Biden announced the sudden withdrawal of troops from the United States. Biden had given the reason that the army in Afghanistan is capable of confronting the Taliban. But just days after the announcement, the Taliban took control of the whole of Afghanistan, disproving Biden’s claim. The decision drew criticism from around the world. Former President Donald Trump has blamed Biden for the situation in Afghanistan. Biden was criticized after a bomb blast near a U.S. base at Kabul airport killed a U.S. soldier after announcing a military withdrawal. Political experts say the decision has hurt Biden’s image.

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