US, UK, Australia announce new security alliance

The United States, Britain and Australia have announced a new security alliance for the Indo-Pacific region to protect their shared interests and allow for more exchange of defense capabilities. As China’s influence grows in this strategically important area, it will help Australia acquire nuclear submarines.

The new front, the AUKUS, which includes the initials of the three countries and is described as ‘important’, was inaugurated on Wednesday in a virtual manner with a joint televised speech. Under the alliance, the three countries agreed to develop joint capabilities and exchange technologies, as well as to further integrate security and defense-related sciences, technologies, industrial bases and supply chains.

As Aux’s first major venture, Australia will build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines with the help of the United States and Britain. The capacity building is aimed at promoting stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

‘Britain, Australia and the US are natural partners. “Although we are geographically divided, we share common interests and values,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a virtual speech from Downing Street with US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison before the joint statement was issued.

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