“Use of ‘narcotic jihad’ to target non-Muslims”, bishop’s sensational allegation in Kerala!

On Thursday, Catholic Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarngatta made the sensational allegation at a public event of discussion in Kuruvilangad in Kottayam district of Kerala. “Not only ‘love jihad’ is being spread by jihadists but now ‘narcotic jihad’ is also being spread. These people just want to kill non-Muslims, “Joseph Kallarngatt alleged while focusing on jihadists.

Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarngatt said, “Those who are trying to prove that there is no such thing as love jihad, are just trying unsuccessfully to escape reality. This should not be seen as just a love marriage. It’s a tactic. ”

The only purpose of jihadists

“Apart from love jihad, narcotic jihad is also spreading in Kerala. The jihadists understand that in a country like India, no one can be killed by arms. For this reason, they have now begun to devise new tactics. These jihadists have only one goal – to spread their religion and eliminate all non-Muslims. They have started using love jihad and narcotic jihad, ”said Joseph Kallarangatt.

What is narcotic jihad

The bishop said, “Narcotic jihad is the act of ruining the lives of non-Muslims, especially the youth, by making them addicted to drugs.” He said, “Different types of drugs are being used in ice cream parlors, hotels and juice corners run by hardline jihadists. They are using various drugs as weapons to harm non-Muslims. ”

The people of Kerala need to be vigilant

“Catholic girls in Kerala are also falling prey to love and narcotic jihad. One group has become very active in Kerala. Their only job is to spread love and narcotic jihad. ” That’s what the bishop said. He also appealed to the people of Kerala to beware of all such people. No one should be allowed to spread jihadi mentality. ”

“Rave parties that promote drug use and drugs seized from such incidents present to us the reality of narcotic jihad. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their jobs or quit their studies because of drug addiction. ” That’s what the bishop said too.

Bishop’s statement drew protests from various Muslim organizations. Satar Panthlur, state general secretary of the Kerala Sunni Students Federation, said, “Such a statement from a bishop was unexpected. They should reveal the evidence behind this allegation. ”

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