Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections: Shiv Sena’s big announcement; Said, “To teach the vegetable a lesson.”

Shiv Sena has announced that it will contest all the 403 seats in Uttar Pradesh. It is noteworthy that Shiv Sena will contest this election on its own and the party has not formed an alliance with any other party. However, the party hinted at an alliance in the future. Shiv Sena’s Uttar Pradesh in-charge Vishwajeet Singh has issued a leaflet in this regard. While issuing information leaflet regarding this meeting, Shiv Sena criticized Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh from this leaflet. Stating that issues like education, employment, law and order in the state have arisen during the tenure of the ruling BJP, it has been announced that Shiv Sena will field candidates from all constituencies to teach the BJP a lesson.

A meeting of party leaders from Uttar Pradesh was held on September 10 at Hartganj in Lucknow. The meeting discussed the party organization and the party’s path in the run-up to the forthcoming Assembly elections. Shiv Sena chief Thakur Anil Singh criticized the Uttar Pradesh government for not maintaining law and order. In Uttar Pradesh, Jangal Raj has started and women and girls are being oppressed, Thakur said.

In a letter issued by Shiv Sena, the government is abusing Brahmins. The state of the health system in the state is very bad. There is a situation where equipment for cremation of corona patients was not available. Even closed schools are seen charging fees from students in the state in the desired manner. The government is on the side of the education emperor. Even after the Supreme Court order, the school fees have not been reduced by 15 per cent. The Maharashtra government has enacted a law giving 15 per cent fee concession to students. In Uttar Pradesh, young children are leaving the state due to unemployment and inflation. Authorities have been targeted, accusing the government of treating farmers and youth as if they were its own.

Later in this leaflet, Shiv Sena will become the voice of the people of Uttar Pradesh. Shiv Sena is going to teach a lesson to BJP by fielding candidates for all the seats. Coordinators have been appointed for party building in all the assembly constituencies. A delegation of Shiv Sena leaders from Uttar Pradesh will soon meet Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and present a report on the election, he said.

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