Vaccination for second dose holders only on Thursday


Mumbai: A special vaccination drive has been organized at all the centers on Thursday for the citizens waiting for the second dose of the vaccine. Therefore, the citizens should take note that the first dose will not be given on this day.

2 lakh 60 thousand citizens were waiting for the second dose of Kovishield. The municipality had organized a special vaccination last week on September 4 as they were not getting the vaccine even though the second dose period had started. In this 1 lakh 79 thousand 938 citizens were given second dose. A special vaccination has been organized for the remaining second dose holders on September 9.

Vaccination stopped during Ganeshotsav in Thane

Thane: The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has decided to close the vaccination drive during Ganeshotsav, even though the vaccination drive has gained momentum in the last few days due to the availability of stocks of vaccines in the municipal area. As per this decision, the municipality has informed that vaccination will be closed for five days in the city due to arrival and immersion of Ganesh idol. According to the decision, vaccination will be closed on September 10, 11, 14, 16 and 19 at all centers in the city. Public Ganeshotsav is widely celebrated throughout the state. The municipal administration has claimed that it has decided to stop vaccination at all the centers so as not to inconvenience the citizens who go out for vaccination during this period.

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