Vinod Tawde gave advice to Ashok Chavan from contesting the assembly

Tawde said, “Deprived Bahujan Aghadi will be the next opposition party”.

Vinod Tawde, the state’s culture minister, has criticized former chief minister and Congress leader Ashok Chavan for contesting the Assembly elections. “Ashok Chavan lost the Lok Sabha elections. He should not contest the Assembly elections now to save his remaining credit, “Tawde said.

Vinod Tawde inaugurated the BJP’s Media War Room in Nanded division. This time he took the news of Ashok Chavan. “Former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan lost the Lok Sabha elections. The Chief Minister of the state is in trouble in his own district. Now we are advising them not to contest the Assembly elections and not to waste their remaining credit, ”said Tawde. Former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan will be defeated even if he stands in any of the 288 assembly constituencies in the state, ”claimed Tawde.

Vinod Tawde expressed confidence that Shiv Sena-BJP alliance will be formed in the state. “The bitterness of allotment will be over in two days. So no need to worry. The acknowledgment of the work done by the government in the last five years will be received this time as well as in the Lok Sabha. Therefore, the BJP will get more seats than the previous assembly. The condition of Congress and NCP is deplorable and the deprived Bahujan Aghadi will be the next opposition party, ”he said. “Information is coming forward that many lands of the Waqf Board have been usurped by many. We are studying this in depth. We will take further action after strong evidence and information comes to light, ”Tawde said in reply to a question.

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