Volunteers in the trials are still waiting for the vaccination certificate


Proceedings are pending even after notifying ICMR

Mumbai: A month has passed since the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) was notified to issue certificates to volunteers who have taken both doses of vaccine, but the volunteers have not yet received the certificate. As a result, volunteers have been deprived of other facilities including rail travel even after completing both the doses.

Volunteers who participated in the Covishield and Covacin vaccine tests in Mumbai completed both doses but did not receive a vaccination certificate from the Central Health Department. On 19th August, Loksatta had published the news that the swayamsewaks were facing difficulties in many places including rail travel.

Over the past month we have been following the hospital frequently. We were told that the certificate would be issued on August 30. But even though it has been eight days now, we have not received the certificate. For the job we volunteer train travel is convenient. But the railways have refused to give us a monthly pass due to lack of certificate. We took the initiative and participated in the tests. But now our demand is being ignored, said volunteer Santosh Jagadhane. ‘We have sent a list of volunteers who have been vaccinated to ICMR. The Central Health Department along with ICMR has also been asked to issue the certificate. He had also replied that he would be informed about this by August 30. But now that the period has passed, they have not reported anything. A letter will be written to ICMR again, said Nair Hospital Superintendent Dr. Ramesh Bharmal said.

‘Why delay in giving it to us?’

Some volunteers have received certificates, but we have about 60 in our group and we have not been given certificates. This means that the process of issuing the certificate has started and the volunteers have raised the question as to why there is a delay in giving it to us.

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