Warrant against Nirav Modi’s brother-in-law canceled


Mumbai: A special court on Tuesday quashed all warrants against Mayank Mehta, brother-in-law of fugitive financial criminal and diamond trader Nirav Modi in the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam, after he offered to testify.

When Mehta appeared on Tuesday, Special Court Judge V.S. C. Barde revoked all warrants issued against him so far. He was also granted a personal bond of Rs 50,000. At the same time, he insisted that he would have to seek court permission if he wanted to leave the country. He was opposed by Mehta’s lawyers. He will appear when summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for questioning. Mehta’s lawyers also told the court that this condition was not necessary.

The Mehta couple had expressed fears that they would be arrested as soon as they set foot in India. Both agreed to come to India after the court assured them that they would not be arrested. But only Mayank came to India after that and he was ready to answer to the ED and cooperate in the investigation.

What happened

Mehta and his wife were earlier accused in the case. However, the two later offered to testify in the case. But in return, he demanded the cancellation of all non-bailable warrants against him. In February 2021, the Mehta couple had applied to a special court to have their warrants revoked. Even then, the court did not revoke the warrant against him. A non-bailable warrant was pending in April. The court also allowed the two to testify on the condition that they would provide complete and factual information about the scam, including who was involved in the scam and how the scam took place.

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