“Was the state’s ATS asleep?” BJP’s angry question in Mumbai terror arrest case!

After a special team of Delhi Police came to Mumbai and arrested Jan Mohammad Sheikh, the issue has become heated. On the one hand, state Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil has called a high-level meeting in this regard, while on the other hand, the BJP is now sharply criticizing the issue. “Was this state’s ATS asleep while these terrorists were living in Mumbai, Mumbai and plotting terrorists?” What were the state police doing about these terrorists? ” BJP MLA Ashish Shelar has asked this question to the Thackeray government. He was speaking at a press conference in Mumbai.

“David’s Brother Was Providing Money”

The terrorists were trained in Pakistan and Dawood’s brother Anis Ahmed was providing them money, said Ashish Shelar. “A special team from Delhi has arrested the terrorists who carried out the massacre during Navratra, Ramli and festivals. Among them, Jan Mohammad Sheikh and Sameer were arrested from Maharashtra. One of them was arrested in Dharavi. Dawood’s younger brother Anis Ahmed was providing money to these terrorists who were plotting to carry out terrorist attacks on Hindu festivals. He was trained in Pakistan, ”he said.

“Isn’t that a bad role for a particular class?”

Meanwhile, Ashish Shelar said that the state government is not playing a role for a particular class, is it? Such serious doubts are present. In Mumbai, in Dharavi, the conspiracy of such terrorists starts. He was arrested by a special squad from Delhi. So what was the ATS in the state sleeping on? What were our police doing in the case of these terrorists who arrested Union ministers for unsolved crimes, told journalists not to step on them or issued lookout notices against existing MLAs in the state? Did the state police and home minister know about this? If so, what role did they play in it? Isn’t this a political issue with a special role for a particular class? ”, Ashish Shelar has expressed doubts.

Mumbai terrorists arrested by Delhi Police; Home Minister called an emergency meeting

“Police involved in unwanted work”

“We see that when the rulers are distracted by the police, they ignore serious issues. Due to political pressure, the police have to pay attention to where to arrest the editor, issue a lookout notice to any MLA, arrest the Union Minister. So they neglected serious matters. Our police department is capable. His accomplishments are great. But when bargaining and recovery, the state government behaves like our police should feel the pinch, that’s when such a situation arises, “said Ashish Shelar.

Intelligence Failure

Meanwhile, Ashish Shelar has demanded that Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil clarify his role in this regard. “In a sense, the Home Minister of the state should clarify his role on this serious issue on his intelligence failure and other issues. Are there any more such people hiding in the state? Inquiries in this regard should be intensified, ”he said.

A special cell of the Delhi Police has exposed a Pakistan-funded terrorist module. The ISI, along with Dawood Ibrahim’s accomplices, had planned to carry out attacks in cities in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra during the festive season. For this, different tasks were also assigned to different suspects of the module and those associated with their network.

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