“We had to pay a heavy price for it”; Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s displeasure

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan has paid a heavy price for taking the side of the US in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan made the remarks after US lawmakers repeatedly criticized Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. In an interview with Russia Today, Imran Khan expressed his displeasure over US officials pointing fingers at Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan. Khan said Pakistan was being blamed for the US failure in Afghanistan.

A recent hearing by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which US lawmakers accused Pakistan of aiding the Taliban, was immediately followed by Imran Khan’s reaction. Imran Khan said, “As a Pakistani, I am deeply saddened by the remarks made by those senators. The most painful thing for us is to blame Pakistan for this defeat in Afghanistan. ”

When the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place in the United States, the situation in Pakistan was not good. General Pervez Musharraf of the Pakistani army came to power through a military coup. He had just been elected president and at the time he had sought US help for his government. Pakistan’s support for the invasion of Afghanistan helped the US military. However, Imran Khan said it was a wrong decision.

As part of the US anti-Soviet campaign in Afghanistan, they removed the mujahedeen forces that Pakistani intelligence had helped set up two decades ago. “We trained them to fight against foreign trade and it was a holy war,” Khan said.

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