What is the use of welfare schemes if malnutrition is causing death?

The court struck down 40 child deaths in a month

Mumbai: If deaths due to malnutrition do not stop, then what is the use of welfare schemes for tribals? If you claim that the scheme is being implemented strictly, then why the deaths due to malnutrition do not stop, an angry question was raised by the High Court on Monday. The court also warned the government not to read the plans for the welfare of the tribals on paper, but to tell them how to stop child deaths due to malnutrition and what immediate measures will be taken.

Petitioner Bandu informed the court that in the last one month, 40 children have died due to malnutrition and 24 children have died due to malnutrition. The court also ordered the appointment of gynecologists and pediatricians in these areas. However, the petitioner said that even after that, there was a dearth of medical officers at the health centers in these areas. State Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbakoni told the court that various schemes were being implemented to address the issue of malnutrition. He also tried to tell the court about the plan.

So take action

Kumbakoni claimed that doctors were appointed at health centers in Melghat and other tribal areas of the state. But the court pointed to the figures in the government’s affidavit. Accordingly, 100 per cent medical officers have been appointed at health centers in Pune and Nagpur. In comparison, Gadchiroli and Gondia have a shortage of doctors. Medical officers are appointed at health centers in rural and tribal areas. But doctors are not keen to go to these areas, Kumbakoni told the court. The court, however, clarified that the reason could not be heard and clarified that action should be taken against such doctors.

Court instructions

Malnutrition is causing deaths in these areas. So consider hiring dieticians at health centers in these areas. Find out the health status of the citizens in these areas by conducting house-to-house inspections through NGOs, and take measures accordingly. Every day a medical officer goes to the jail from the government hospital for medical examination of the inmates. Consider sending medical officers to these areas in the same vein.

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