What we wanted to do immediately after independence, we are doing today – Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the new defense office complexes built under the Central Vista project. This time around, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has surrounded critics of the Central Vista project. Some people have worked to spread confusion about Central Vista. The country today sees what we are doing behind the Central Vista project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the construction of the defense complex has been completed ahead of time. Work on the central government’s ambitious Rs 20,000 crore project is also underway.

“We have adopted a new style of working. You gave me the opportunity to serve in 2014. I could have started the construction of the Parliament House as soon as I joined the government. But we did not choose this path. First of all we decided to build a memorial for those who gave their lives for the country. Today we are doing the work that should have been done immediately after independence. Took the initiative to fix offices in the country. First of all, we have done the work of respecting the martyrs of the country, ”said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launched the website of the Central Vista project. “This new defense office complex will further strengthen our efforts to make our forces more efficient and effective. In the 21st century, India’s military strength is growing. One by one they are being equipped with modern weapons. In such a scenario, how is it possible that the work related to the security of the country should be done in a place that is decades old? ”Said the Prime Minister.

“Today, as we focus on Ease of Living and Ease of Doing Business, modern infrastructure has an equally big role to play. This is the spirit of the work being done today on Central Vista, ”said Prime Minister Modi.

Earlier, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the old defense complex was so dilapidated that it was on the verge of collapse. More than 7,000 staff and officers will now be able to work in good working conditions on the new campus. Rajnath Singh had said that these complexes have been built as per the requirements of the 21st century and are equipped with all kinds of facilities.

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