When will the third wave of Corona come? ; Information provided by scientists

The country has been plagued by the corona virus for the last one and a half years. As the second wave of the Corona begins, signs of a third wave are also being given. Preparations are underway for this all over the country. Predictions are being made about what the third wave will look like. Scientists are also warning about this third wave. Scientists at the Benaras Hindu University have recently revealed when the third wave will come.

Professor Dnyaneshwar Choubey, an agonist in the Department of Zoology at the Banaras Hindu University, said the third wave of corona would be less deadly for everyone, especially for a group of vaccinated people, people who have recovered from the virus and children. Choubey further said that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and recovered from the corona will come under the protection group during the third wave. He added that the wave would hit after at least three months, but that corona preventive vaccination would boost people’s immunity and help them fight the virus.

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“As antibody levels drop every three months, a third wave is likely to occur. In this sense, if the level of antibodies drops over the next three months, a third wave can occur. The ongoing corona vaccination campaign will help in the fight against the virus. If your immunity is more than 70%, the effect of Covid-19 in that group will decrease and its frequency will gradually start decreasing. That’s what we want to see, “he said.

“The virus cannot be stopped, but the mortality rate can be reduced,” Choubey said. Once the level of antibodies is low, the chances of getting infected with Covid 19 increase. Yet, for people in the protected group, the death rate is much lower.
Even if one to two deaths out of two to four lakh people were reported, it would be considered a big deal, he added. “Even if our entire population is infected with the corona and the mortality rate remains below one per cent, we will win this war,” he said.

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Speaking about the vaccination of children, Choubey said that the Zydus cadilla vaccine is expected to hit the market in the next three to four months, which will give more protection to children against Covid-19. He also noted that children have always been less affected by the virus than adults during the previous two waves.
In reports of rising cases in Northeast and Kerala, he said that in big states like Uttar Pradesh, only 10 to 20 patients are being registered every day, which should be seen as a good sign. Only 40% of people in Kerala have developed seropositivity. In Uttar Pradesh, seropositivity has been developed in 70% of the population. After a month, the number of cases in Kerala will start declining, as it did in Uttar Pradesh. ”

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