Who exactly presides over the Natya Parishad?

Confusion again after the trustee’s letter

Mumbai: Trustees Sharad Pawar and Shashi Prabhu have handed over a letter to Naresh Gadekar as the chairman of the All India Marathi Natya Parishad. From this letter, it is seen that the trustees have sealed the name of Naresh Gadekar.

According to Section 17 (1) of the Natya Parishad, there are 7 trustees and 2 ex-officio members. Currently, only three out of seven posts are filled and four posts are vacant. The trustees of Sharad Pawar and Shashi Prabhu have given a letter to President Naresh Gadekar to start the process of filling these posts immediately.

It is yet to be decided by the Charity Commissioner to select all the incidents that have taken place in the Natya Parishad during the last one year. Prasad Kambli, who is also the chairman of the Natya Parishad, has claimed that the election of the president was an external one. Prasad Kambli said it was “surprising” that the trustees had changed their role before the incident was rectified.

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