Who is the ‘woman’ with Sachin Wazen ?; Revealed by NIA


The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which was investigating the discovery of an explosive-laden vehicle near the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, was searching for a woman who entered the hotel along with Sachin Wazen. When Sachin Waze came to a five-star hotel in South Mumbai, the woman also seemed to be following him. Sachin Waze was staying at the hotel from February 16 to 20. The NIA starts trying to find out who this woman is. The chargesheet, now filed by the NIA, has revealed the identity of the woman.

The day before Mansukh Hiren’s Scorpio went missing, Sachin was staying at the Vaze Hotel. During the investigation, it has come to light that Sachin Waze used a fake Aadhar card. An ANIA investigation also revealed that an unidentified woman was with him during his stay at the hotel.

The woman was being questioned in another case being investigated while Sachin Waze was in the Crime Intelligence Unit. Secretary Waze was questioned about the woman, but the NIA said at the time that he was not cooperating in the investigation.

… So Sachin Waze went back to the site at 4.30 am; Disclosure in NIA chargesheet

The chargesheet was later filed by the NIA. The woman, who was seen with Sachin Waze at a five-star hotel in south Mumbai in February, was allegedly a prostitute. The NIA said the woman had been in touch with Waze since 2011. After rejoining the service, Waze had been paying the woman Rs 50,000 a month since August 2020.

The 36-year-old woman, who lives in Mira Road, was separated from her husband and was working as an escort. She told the NIA that she met Waze in 2011 and that Waze had been visiting her since 2013. According to the reply, Waze was in constant contact with her after that. Initially, he told her to be a merchant. But then he informed me that you are a police officer.

The woman had a business relationship with Vaze and the two had started two companies in 2016 in the name of the woman’s son. Waze was planning to start an electric bike rental company. Waze was not earning well, at the time the woman asked him to invest in the prostitution business and take the car.

Sachin Waze once again wanted to increase his dominance as Encounter Specialist – NIA

In 2017, Waze asked the woman to become a director in one of his companies. The company was started for servicing two-wheelers. The woman claimed that she had invested Rs 17 lakh in the company, but could not start the business due to lack of support from the other two partners. 2019 Waze tried to start business again. In January-February 2020, Waze purchased 30 electric scooters worth Rs 15 lakh for the company. However, the company did not make a profit due to the lockdown.

In June 2020, Waje asked the woman to stop working as an escort because she had been re-hired. After that, Waze started giving Rs 50,000 per month to women from August 2020. On February 18 and 20, the woman was spotted visiting Waze at a five-star hotel in South Mumbai. Information from the scanning machine installed by the NIA at the entrance of the hotel revealed that he had a bundle of notes.

Pradip Sharma was given the responsibility of killing Mansukh Hiren; Sachin Waze had given a bag full of notes

The woman told NIA that on February 15, she visited Waze’s office near Crawford Market and took Rs 4 lakh from him. The money was then returned to the five-star hotel on February 18. She further said that Waze had asked her to take out the note numbered 786. Later, on February 19, while leaving the hotel, the woman took Rs 36 lakh in cash with her and returned it to Waze the next day.

The NIA found Rs 1.5 crore in the company’s bank account in which she was a director. When asked about it, the woman told the NIA that only Waze could tell who deposited the money in the company’s account. When asked about the Rs 39 lakh in her bank account, she could not give satisfactory answers. However, the woman said that she was not earning any money from the company she started.

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An investigation by the NIA found that she had withdrawn Rs 5 lakh from a bank locker on March 18, five days after Waze’s arrest. The woman allegedly gave the money to her brother. She told him to find a good lawyer if she was arrested. The woman then fled to Benaras with her son.

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